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Projects & Events

We host a variety of educational seminars, fundraisers, and social events throughout the year. We hope to see you soon!


Dec. 2023 Wreath Making 



Pictures from holiday crafts gathering 

Sep. 2023 workday at Twining Valley Park

This workday was organized to expand the native garden. Volunteers took turns using perennial shovels, pick axes and mattocks to break up and remove old intact macadam parking lot beneath the dirt, as well as removing stone and rocks, including a large piece of slate. 25 plants were installed that day and the rest of the plants were installed during another workday.

Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 3.40.39 PM.png

Spring 2023 Native plant sale at Twining Valley Park

Had a great turnout at our plant sale, in spite of the rain!


Ambler Earthfest 2023

Spreading the word to plant natives!

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 11.54.42 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 11.55.06 AM.png

Earthday 2023

Jean Brady & Tessie McNeely had a great time celebrating Earth Day at Hatboro, promoting habitat recovery by planting native plants, one garden at a time.


Upper Dublin Free Seed Bank 

Dear WNF&GA Members: The Upper Dublin Seed Bank is now up and running on the 2nd floor of the Upper Dublin Library. Anyone can go there and get seeds (for free). You do not need to be a resident of Upper Dublin, or a library member. The Ambler-Keystone branch of WNF&GA just delivered some native plant seeds to the bank. Seed contributions (all types of plants/flowers/veggies/herbs) have also come from the Maple Glen Garden Club and other organizations. This is a great way to promote gardening as well as use of native plants in our community. To achieve our goals, we'd like to attract more people to join the Ambler Keystone Branch of The Women's National Farm & Garden Assoc.. We continue to promote and educate others about the use of native plants, and will be holding a native plant sale on May 20. When folks come to the plant sale, they can take a few minutes to view our native plant demo garden at Twining Valley Park as well. Many people are interested in planting native plants, but don’t know where to begin. We can help by sharing our experiences. -Jean Brady

Upper Dublin Library Seed Bank  March 8 2023.jpg

Twining Valley Park Garden

Twining Valley Park Pollinator Garden (Upper Dublin Township) We are planting an educational native pollinator garden at Twining Valley Park in partnership and support from the Wyncote Audubon Society and Upper Dublin Township. Sign up to volunteer! Send an email with the subject "Volunteer" to


2023 Garden Photos 

2022 Update

Twining Valley’s Garden Comes to Life This year our native plant demonstration garden has really come to life. The flowers we planted last year for spring blooms were at their peak just in time for our native plant sale in May. We use the garden for education, and it has really been doing the job. Now we just need some signs and a pergola to make the vison complete. In June Upper Dublin Parks & Rec was awarded a grant by PECO to make the garden ADA accessible with a permeable walkway. Hopefully this project will significantly decrease the weed pressure as well as beautify the entry way. A pergola will be added to the garden with donations from local garden clubs plan and Bird Town. The garden was designed with native host plants for insects and bees. We had many different butterflies show up along with hummingbirds and other insects. Not only did we attract wildlife, but we attracted many people who love gardens, photography and the garden’s wild visitors. Kids helped weed out the unwanted seedling in the spring while others came to visit the insects during their lunch break from summer camp. Many people told us how they loved the garden and come back to visit regularly. Bird Town gave a little workshop on starting native plants in milk jugs over the winter in September. We went around and collected seeds from those plants that were ready for winter sowing. The attendees learned how to clean the seeds and plant them, so they are ready to go once the winter gets cold enough. Maybe we can have a plant swap late next spring. During the Spring plant sale, we collaborated with The Bird Town program to give away native plants to the residents who suddenly found their garden was full sun after the tornado that hit the area in September 2021. Recipients listened to the ecology lesson about the why it is so important to plant natives prior to getting their free plants. So many of them replied to our lesson with “I never knew”. Many have made repeated trips to the garden and have asked questions about the different plants. General construction in the park has made it difficult to work in the garden as the pathways are ripped up but eventually the general walking pathways will go around the garden on 2 sides making it more visible to visitors. It will become a wonderful place to visit and learn in the years to come


Twining Valley Pollinator Garden (In The Beginning)

2021 Twining Valley Pollinator Garden Recap: Developing Eco-Friendly Communities ​ It’s always surprising how many people know nothing about ecology and sustainable gardening. Sure, they know about NPK and weeds but beyond that they know very little about maintaining a garden for wildlife and tempering climate change. In 2020, a series of lectures called ‘Eco-friendly Communities’ was given to various groups in our area. The first question we ask is “How many of you have read any of Doug Tallamy’s books?” The last 5 times almost no one had ever heard of him. That is the audience that we feel has the most to gain by not only learning about native plants but by seeing them in action as they draw insects, birds, and other wildlife in for a feast and shelter. ​ With the help of grants from the Woman’s National Farm & Garden Association and the Hardy Plant Society we were able to create a native plant demonstration garden out of a former putting green at the new Twining Valley Park. Upper Dublin Parks and Recreation removed the giant grasses and other non-native plants for us with their heavy equipment. The planting was delayed until September 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions and searing summer heat, but we were able to make great headway until Thanksgiving. In January the 3 giant Yews were removed so we could begin planting shrubs and trees. Hard to get plants were ordered for Spring delivery in early Winter too. ​ When Spring 2021 rolled around we found the weather was quite conducive to planting so we quickly put orders into our local nurseries and began planting. We planted straight through June and decided to just do easy maintenance through Summer. By Summer the plants were happily blooming, and we had large numbers of pollinators, butterflies and birds happily enjoying our work. Many people stopped by to thank us, and some asked to join us as volunteers. As Summer wound down, we began planting the shrubs and trees on the hill where the Yews once stood. We also added perennials in between. Many of us contributed plants from our own gardens to fill in areas that were bare. The hawks came back and ate the rodents that were plaguing us over the summer along with the red dragon flies called Autumn Meadowhawks. Hummingbirds and Monarchs happily feasted on the flowers that were still blooming. It is now Fall, and we are doing our last rounds of weeding and mulching. We’re looking forward to the springtime when the ephemerals and early flowering trees that we planted come alive with color and early pollinators. We also hope to start educational programs onsite and help those that were stricken by the tornados rebuild their gardens with native plants.


Abington Garden Fest 2024

2024 Meeting Schedule

Location is Temple Ambler Campus Visitor Center unless otherwise stated. 

Email to be added to the distribution list and receive information about upcoming meetings and events.

Google map location - visitor center at Temple University Ambler Campus, Meetinghouse Road, Ambler, PA


Park in Lot 1 on Meetinghouse Rd. Ambler, PA.  walk across the street and up the hill.  The visitor center is on the roadway to the left of the barn.​​

  • Jan. 22, 2024 – pot luck and book club

  • If you can't find it in your local library or want to purchase a book, it's available on Amazon, Thriftbooks, Abebooks, and other locations.

  • Books that will be discussed in the meeting:​

    • Rambunctious Garden: Saving Nature in a Post-Wild World - Emma Marris (Rambunctious Garden is short on gloom and long on interesting theories and fascinating narratives, all of which bring home the idea that we must give up our romantic notions of pristine wilderness and replace them with the concept of a global, half-wild rambunctious garden planet, tended by us. – From Wall Street Journal review). (printed 2013).

    • Gathering - Memoirs of a Seed Saver– Diane Ott Whealy (Started Seed Savers Exchange in 1975).

    • The Essential Earthman - Henry Mitchell on Gardening – a collection of garden columns (printed about 1993).

  • Mar. 25, 2024 – meeting agenda TBD

  • May 16th – 18th – National Meeting at Hershey. Registration information will be added at the site in spring 2024.

  • National Meeting – Woman's National Farm & Garden Association (

  • May 19th (Sunday) – Plant Sale at Twining Valley Park 

  • Search | Upper Dublin, PA

  • May 20, 2024 (week earlier due to the Memorial Day holiday) – meeting agenda TBD

Meetings & Activities (Open to Members, Prospective Members, and Invited Guests)


     We meet on the fourth Monday of every second month, except for the summer. At this time all meetings are being held v.       virtually. Please contact if you would like to attend a meeting.

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